Soft Laser

Frequency Modulated Light Responce

How Soft Laser Therapy Works

Sound and light waves pass throughout the body and help the body restore it’s chi or natural energies. When sound and light in the right harmony pass through water it can allows toxic substances to be cleansed.  Similarly, the human body is made up of roughly 70% water. It can be aided in its cleansing process by light and sound emitting from the soft laser chelating metals and changing the state of toxic compounds. Soft laser therapy can help you restore balance to your body and alleviate the burdens placed on your organs from the toxic environment and heavy metals we are all exposed to from a wide variety of sources including our drinking water and the packaging and ingredients of processed foods.  Detoxifying the body helps the organs and systems in your body function at its peak when coupled with proper digestion and nutrition.  With proper nutrition, digestion, hydration & soft laser therapy your path to wellness has begun.

You can purchase a soft Laser by contacting Max Collins at: (803) 955-0178

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